Who Can Wear The Blue Sapphire?

Blue Sapphire is one of the precious gemstones in astrology. This gemstone is governed by the planet Saturn. In Vedic astrology, Saturn plays an important role in native horoscopes. Saturn is also known as the “Lord of Justice” In this post, I will tell you who can wear the Blue Sapphire.

Gemstones in Vedic astrology play an important role in changing an individual’s life. In Vedic astrology, gemstones are known as medicine. It increases the power of the weak planets in your horoscope. However, it depends on the placement of the planets in your horoscope. So, before wearing a gemstone, you need to analyze your horoscope from an expert astrologer. If you want a consultation from me then book a consultation with me.

Who Can Wear the Blue Sapphire

Who can Wear The Blue Sapphire?

Blue Sapphire is a very expensive and precious gemstone. It is used to enhance the power of Saturn in your horoscope. It brings good luck, health, wealth, and success to the wearer’s life.

The physical properties of the Blue Sapphire are:

  • Density: 3.98 g/cm3, (0.143 lbs./in3) 
  • Hardness: Knoop
  • Microindenter: 1800 FACE perpendicular to the c-axis, 2200 FACE parallel to the c-axis.
  • Young’s Modulus: 400 GPa @ 20°C. Tensile Strength: 300 to 400 MPa.

Blue sapphires can range in size anywhere from a few points to hundreds of carats, and large blue sapphires are more readily available than large rubies. However, most commercial-quality blue sapphires weigh less than 5.00 carats.

Large commercial-quality blue sapphires are rare but more available than large fine-quality ones. As a result, size makes more of a difference in the price of fine-quality sapphire.

Blue Sapphire for 12 Ascendants

Now let’s check the compatibility of Blue sapphire for different ascendants. Let’s check Ascendant-wise if Blue Sapphire suits you or not.

1. Aries Ascendant

For Aries Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of the 10th and 11th house. It is not so beneficial for Aries ascendant natives. Your ascendant lord is Mars and Mars and Saturn are enemies.

You need to avoid wearing blue sapphire. Because it can bring negativity to your life if you are of Aries Ascendant.

2. Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant, Saturn is a benefic planet as it owns the 9th and 10th of your chart. Saturn brings health, wealth, and happiness to the natives of Taurus ascendant. Saturn is also natural friend of your ascendant lord venus. Hence, Blue Sapphire will be a good choice for you.

If you are a Taurus ascendant then you can easily wear the Blue Saphhire. It will bring health, wealth, success, and prosperity to your life.

3. Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini Ascendant, Saturn Governs the 8th and 9th house of your horoscope. Here, Saturn is a beneficial planet as it owns 9th house but also provides some negative effects as it also owns the 8th house of your horoscope.

Gemini Ascendants can wear the blue sapphire when you are going through Saturn Mahadasha and anatar dasha. You also need to check the placement of the saturn in your birth chart.

Blue Saphhire brings luck, fortune, and prosperity for Gemini ascendant natives.

4. Cancer Ascendant

Saturn owns the 7th and 8th house for Cancer Ascendant. Both are the marak bhavs and hence Saturn is a malefic planet for Cancer Ascendant.

Blue Sapphire is not suitable for cancer ascendant and you cannot wear it. If you wear the Blue Sapphire then it may bring, dieases, accidents, loss in business, career, etc.

Moon is the lagna lord of Cancer Ascendant and Moon is the enemy of Saturn. Hence, if you are Cancer Ascendant, you need to avoid wearing Blue Sapphire.

5. Leo Ascendant

Saturn is the Lord of 6th and 7th house in horoscope of Leo ascendant. People of Leo ascendant should not wear Blue Sapphire. If ever they have to wear this, they should wear it only in Saturn Mahadasha.

Placement of Saturn also need to be consider before wearing the Blue sapphire. Sun being the lagna lord is the enemy of Saturn.

6. Virgo Ascendant

Saturn is the Lord of 5th and 6th house for Virgo ascendant. Wearing Blue Sapphire will bring auspicious results for the people of Virgo ascendant.

7. Libra Ascendant

In horoscope of Libra ascendant, Saturn is the Lord of 4th and 5th house. Wearing Blue Sapphire by people of Libra ascendant will bring profits for them.

8. Scorpio Ascendant

In horoscope of Scorpio ascendant, Saturn is the Lord of 3rd and the 4th house. Blue Sapphire is not auspicious for this ascendant. People of this ascendant should not wear Blue Sapphire. 

9. Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius Ascendant, Saturn is the Lord of 2nd and 3rd house. Both these houses of horoscope are considered inauspicious. The people of Sagittarius ascendant should wear this stone only for family and savings and that too during Saturn Mahadasha.

10. Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn is the Lord of the ascendant and the 3rd house. Being the Lord of the ascendant makes it an auspicious planet. Wearing the stone of the Lord of the ascendant, Saturn, brings good results for the person of Capricorn ascendant.

11. Aquarius Ascendant

In horoscope of Aquarius ascendant, Saturn is the Lord of 11th and 12th house. People of Aquarius ascendant should wear Saturn stone Blue Sapphire. 

12. Pisces Lagna

Saturn is the Lord of 11th and 12th house in the horoscope of Pisces ascendant. The people of this ascendant should not wear Blue Sapphire.

What Should I Wear With Blue Sapphire?

Diamond, Emerald, Hessonite or sub-stones of these stones can be wore along with Blue Sapphire. This will bring auspicious results.

Never wear Pearl, Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, and Coral with Blue Sapphire as it may negatively impact your life.

Benefits of Wearing a Blue Sapphire

  • People can avoid gloom and difficulties that afflict them during the sade sati period with the help of this stone. As a result, they experience increased energy levels and metabolic activities.
  • Students and professionals benefit from the natural Neelam stone’s ability to improve their focus and concentration.
  • The sapphire improves the ability to make accurate decisions. In addition, it prevents confusion from occurring in the individual’s life.
  • A well-suited natural Neelam stone can have many health benefits for the wearer. 
  • Negativity and those associated with it are believed to be removed from the individual by the stone. The stone helps those who possess it to become confident and stable.
  • Stones have healing properties and bring a sense of calm to people.
  •  Blue Sapphires are also thought to boost a person’s financial situation. 
  • It helps treat neurological disorders or nerve tensions, for example.
  •  Blue sapphire can also protect against fire, floods, storms, and thefts and so on.


This is a general prediction of Blue sapphire and who can wear it as per 12 ascendant. I highly suggest you to please analyze your horoscope by a expert astrologer before wearing a Blue Sapphire. Because it the only gemstone that gives results quickly. So, always analyze the horoscope and the placement of saturn in your horoscope.

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