Anxiety and Depression in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology helps us to understand each and every aspect of our lives. In today’s world Anxiety and depression are becoming common issues, especially among youngsters. In this post, we are going to know about anxiety and depression in Vedic astrology and how to overcome it.

In our Vedic Astrology, There is a phrase i.e.

चंद्रमा मनसो जातः

That means Moon is the karak of your Mind.

Anxiety and Depression in Vedic Astrology and planets that cause it.

In Vedic astrology Moon plays a significant role in controlling or influencing your mind. If Moon is malefic in your chart or has conjunct with malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn, Ketu, etc. then you might suffer from Anxiety and Depression.

Many people wear pearl stones to overcome the negative effect of the moon in their chart. However, this is one of the bad decisions they have made and this makes things worse.

Gemstones always use as a medicine in Vedic astrology. Gemstones simply amplify the effects of a planet. So, if your Moon is malefic in your chart then wearing Pearl will only increase the negativity of the Moon.

It is highly recommended that you wear a pearl only after analyzing your chart with a skilled Astrologer.

Other Planets who influence Anxiety and Depression

Apart from the Moon, other planet combinations will affect your mind. Rahu is the one who drastically affects your thinking power and controls your mind.

If the Moon conjuncts with Rahu then it creates “Grahan dosh” in your chart. If it happens in the 1st 5th, 8th, and 12th houses of your chart then it will negatively affect you. This will also increase the suicidal tendency and make people mad.

Saturn also plays an important role. If Saturn conjuncts with Moon then it creates “Vish Yog” It negatively effects natives mind. Native with Moon and Saturn conjunction have unwanted fear in their mind. They always think uncertain things.

If you are also facing the anxiety and depression in your life, its better to consult with a astrologer before wearing any gemstone or doing remedies.

Some of the combinations for anxiety and depression are:

  • Placement of Moon badly in 6th, 8th or 12th house of Horoscope
  • Conjunction of Moon with Malefic Planets like Saturn, Sun, Rahu or Mars
  • Placement of Moon alone in the house with no planets from either side
  • Placement of Moon on the edge of two Malefic Planets
  • If Moon combusts with Sun (Amavashya Yog) it can give negative results
  • Placement of Moon between Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node)
  • If Moon and Ascendant are badly afflicted either with placement or aspect of malefic planets.
  • Placement of Moon in Malefic Houses
  • If 4th House is under the influence of Malefic Planets

All these combinations discussed above give an indication that a person is dealing with depression. However, there are certain remedies that can help you get out of the depression. Rest it depends on the person how he/she is going to deal with that situation.

Astrological Remedies to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

According to Vedic Astrology, depression is caused due to bad placement of planets in one’s Horoscope. Its a state of anxiety where a person needs to stay strong and believing in yourself is a key to get out of that mental state. However, if you really believe in Astrology, here are some remedies that will surely help you to get over depression and bring stability in your life.

  • Chant Om Namah Shivaya Daily 108 times
  • Do fast on Mondays.
  • Chant Moon Mantra “Om Som Somaye Namah” 108 times
  • Do Some Pranayam and Meditation
  • Offer Water, Milk, and black sesame to Shivling on Mondays and Saturdays.


I hope you enjoy the post about anxiety and despression in vedic astrology. These are some of the bad combinations of planet that creates anxiety and depression in your life. These remedies can be done by anyone and it won’t harm. However, we suggest you to consult with a good astrologer before coming to any conclusion.

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