What Is Vedic Astrology and How It Works

Vedic Astrology is an ancient science developed by Our Great Sages and Rishis. They have a vast knowledge of Astronomy and have discovered how the universe and all the planet work. Today’s Modern science denies and criticized Astrology but they didn’t run away from the fact that what they have discovered now has already been discovered by our ancient sages thousands of years ago.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is also known as the “Eyes of Vedas“. In simple words, it is a science of how the planet influences our life and forecast the course of our life. Since Vedic Astrology is a part of our Vedas and in our Vedas, our life solely depends on our Karmas.

Believe me or not but our past karmas play an important role in our present life. Many people are ignorant about it and simply deny it. But Vedic Astrology is a science that forecast our past karmas and teaches us how to make our life more fruitful by correcting our present karmas.

Vedic Astrology Simply didn’t make you rich or some kind of occult science that you can use to ease your life.

Vedic Astrology simply forecasts what exactly happened in our past lives and how we can rectify our present deeds with simple yet effective remedies. It shows you the correct path in your life and leads you to spirituality.

Vedic Astrology

How Vedic Astrology Works?

As Vedic Astrology works on our karmas and hence in our Vedas human life is determined by two things, according to the Vedas: destiny and free will. 

Destiny means the different situations we encounter in life, whilst free will is how we react to them through our thought and action. The way we react creates further karma, which then determines the future set of situations we will be destined to face. Simply our destiny is created by our free will. 

The Vedas tell us the four goals of human life, dharma, artha, kama, and moksha.

Dharma can be basically defined as the mode of conduct most conducive to one’s spiritual growth. Fulfilling dharma, brings meaning, purpose, and honor to a person’s life.  

Kama that work as “desire,” and refers to the need for materialistic and emotional happiness. All beings, in some way or another, are seekers of joy and should pursue such joy without harming themselves, or others. 

Artha, known as “goal” or “purpose,” is more precisely related to the acquisition of wealth or a sense of security. In order to realize the happiness of attaining one’s goals, a person must have the required resources of wealth in order to do so. 

The final goal of human life is moksha, which means “liberation,” of the soul and relates to people’s spiritual development until their eventual freedom from the cycle of birth and death. 

Vedic astrology is a roadmap of our karma. It helps us to more precisely understand our own nature and destiny in order to navigate our lives in fulfilling these four goals. Ultimately, it’s about helping us in our spiritual development to achieve the final goal of moksha. By studying our horoscopes, we can better understand and realize what positive and negative energies are affecting us, and how best we can respond to those energies, often with spiritual practices like chanting or ritual worship, to help us in our spiritual growth.

How to Become a Good Astrologer

Anyone cannot become a good astrologer. Today’s Many astrologers are doing it for business purposes but the reality is far beyond it.

To become a good astrologer, you need to learn and adopt this Vedic science through years of spiritual practice. Making people afraid is not the job of an Astrologer. A Good astrologer always shows the best ways to make people’s life easy and help them to attain a good spiritual life.

Apart from its technical aspects, Vedic astrology is ultimately a spiritual science, and therefore requires a certain level of intuition that is generally only present in those who maintain certain standards of spiritual practice. In order to analyze horoscopes and then give advice on how to best approach life’s obstacles from a spiritual perspective, an astrologer should be living a life in which a strong standard of spiritual discipline is maintained. 


I hope you have now a clear understanding of what is Vedic astrology and how it works. It is an ancient science of astronomy developed by our rishis who had vast knowledge of this whole universe. If you like the post, then please share it with your friends.

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