What is Pitra Dosh and How Does It Affect Your Life?

Pitra dosh is one of the bad doshas that appear in your horoscope. There is a misconception that it is a curse from your ancestors. But the fact is that Pitra dosh is the karmic debt of your ancestors or any deceased person in your family. It can be from your Father’s side or from your Mother’s side.

In Vedic Astrology, Pitra Dosh is considered one of the bad doshas that very negatively affect the native’s life. In this post, I am going to tell you about the Pitra dosh and how it affects the native’s life.

What is Pitra Dosh and How Does It Affect Your Life

What is Pitra Dosh And How it forms in your Horoscope?

In Vedic Astrology, Pitra dosh occurs in the native chart due to the malefic combinations of planets. The main planet that plays the key role in forming a Pitra dosh in a native’s horoscope is “Rahu“.

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When Rahu conjuncts with Sun and Moon then the Pitra dosh will occur. Sun is known as the Atma and denotes our Pitra (Ancestors). Sun also represents our father and Moon denotes our Mind and how we think. Sun with Saturn also form the pitra Dosh in your horoscope. Here is the combination when this dosh will form:

  • Sun+Saturn
  • Sun+ Rahu
  • Rahu+Moon
  • Sun in Rahu and Ketu Nakshatra

It will negatively affect a native’s life if this dosh appears in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, or 12th house of the horoscope. Pitra dosh appears in your family or in your chart because of some karmic deed done by your forefathers that include:

  • Frequent Abortions.
  • Grabbing other people’s land illegally.
  • Not doing any Tarpan and shradh for your ancestors.
  • Sudden and unnatural death of any family members.
  • Any Family member’s death by lightning, Earthquake, Accident, or by wild animals.
  • Accumulation of wealth by wrong means or forcefully taking others’ possessions or misusing their abilities and powers.

Effects of Pitra Dosh on your Life

If you have Pitra Dosh in your horoscope then you might face these issues in your life.

1. There will be no male child born in the family to carry on the generation or no child in the family.

2. Frequent abortions may take place. Problems in Progeny.

3. There can be children in the family who do not want to get married or in spite of many efforts no suitable match could be found for the marriage.

4. Lack of interest in Business/education/profession for family members even though they are qualified to do so.

5. Always disputes and quarrels between family members.

6. No financial growth in the family. Scarcity always revolves around these families and they hardly find any luck or prosperity in whatever they try to do.

7. Children in these families may be born with physical or mental limitations or even the ones who are born normal.

8. Oftentimes the household is surrounded by diseases, due to which the family faces plenty of physical, emotional, and financial problems.

9. Natives often remain regularly in debt and despite all their efforts, they are unable to settle the debt. Due to the ill effects of Pitra Dosh itself, the family of the native lags in financial growth. And are always surrounded by poverty and inadequacy.

10. If a family is suffering from Pitra Dosh, any member of the family is likely to see a snake in his/her dreams or the ancestor demanding food or clothes.

Remedies to Nullifying the ill effect of Pitra Dosh

If you have Pitra dosh in your chart then you cannot remove it. However, You can be nullifying the ill effects of it by doing some remedies.

  1. Perform Tripindi Shradh or perform narayan nagbali.
  2. Donate money and red clothes to them and perform Pitru Tarpan on a Sunday of Sankranti or Amavasya.
  3. Offer Water with red roli to SUN. Avoid eating non-veg in Sunday.
  4. Chant Aaditya Hriday stotra.
  5. Offer water to Banyan Tree.
  6. Chant Maha Mritunjay Mantra.
  7. The natives should perform the rituals of Shradh with utmost sincerity and faith to remember and pay respect to their forefathers.
  8. Natives should offer water to their pitra for 15 days during the shradh or on the tithi of their death.


Now, you have understood everything about what is Pitra Dosh and how it affects your life. The way we are adopting the western culture many people now suffer from this bad dosh. Because we have forgotten our Sanatan culture where everything works on the law of nature.

Before coming to a conclusion about whether your horoscope has Pitra dosh or not, make sure you have analyzed your horoscope from a reputable Astrologer.

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