Benefic and Malefic Planets for Taurus Ascendant.

In our previous post, I talked about the Benefic and Malefic planets for Aries Ascendant. In this post, I am going to talk about the benefic and malefic planets for the Taurus ascendant.

Benefic and Malefic Planets for taurus Ascendant

Characteristics of Taurus Ascendant

It is a sign Governed by Venus (known as Shukra in Vedic astrology), Taurus represents the Bull, which is a hard-working animal. Also being a fixed sign of the zodiac, Taurus rising signs are known for being very practical in life. The natives adhere to certain fixed principles in life and are known for their fixed and stubborn nature. They are determined in their thoughts and actions. Taurus natives do not give up easily on their relationships; they are very loyal and possessive.

When your ascendant is positive in your horoscope, it makes you reliable, steady, attractive, and successful. People are likely to find you inviting in a variety of ways. You are usually easy to be around. You are known to choose comfort over risk; you can enjoy the pleasures of life while being equally realistic in your approach to life.

Natives born with Taurus ascendant love art, nature, music, fashion, decor, and of course, beauty. (Its ruling Venus represents beauty and aesthetics.) Taurus ascendants often have a kind, graceful and gentle temperament. 

Benefic Planets for Taurus Ascendant

Venus: – Venus is the ascendant lord. It governs the 1st house of your chart known as Lagna. Being a lagna or ascendant lord venus is a beneficial planet for your chart. It also governs the 6th house of your chart. Venus gives you a charm and a pleasant personality. It gives you a luxurious life.

Saturn: – Saturn is a yogkarak planet for this ascendant. It is the lord of 9th and 10 house. That means it is the lord of Kendra and trikon. Saturn also creates Raj Yoga in this lagna. Saturn makes you hard worker and gives you everything which you want in your life.

Mercury: – Mercury is also a beneficial planet for this ascendant. It is the lord of 3rd and 5th house. Being a lord of trikon and 2nd house (Dhan Bhav) Mercury plays a great and beneficial role in this lagna. Mercury in this lagna gives you lots wealth and money. Native can be of charmastic personality.

Malefic Planets for Taurus Ascendant

Mars: – Mars is a malefic planet for this ascendant. Mars is the lord of 7th and 12th house of this lagna which gives a negative result in this chart.

Jupiter:- Jupiter is also a malefic planet for this lagna as it the enemy of the lagna lord and own the 8th and 11th houses of the chart.

Moon: – Moon is also the malefic planet for this chart. It is the lord of 3rd house which is not considered a good placement.

Neutral Planets for Taurus Ascendant

Sun: – Sun is a neutral planet for Taurus Ascendant. It is the lord of the 4th house. In the 4th house sun plays a neutral role in this chart.


These are some of the Natural traits of the Taurus ascendant and you also learn the benefic and malefic planets for the Taurus ascendant. Before coming to a conclusion, it is advised that you should analyze your chart properly. Opting for the wrong remedy can be negative for you.

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